The 5 D's is short for dirty, dull, dangerous, domestic and dextrous. These are the different kinds of robots used in the human society. There are many jobs which humans would rather leave to robots because it's easier, safer or more productive. 

Dirty- Robots which are classified in the dirty section tends to do the jobs that are to dirty or sometimes a bit dangerous to do such as inhaling fumes. They do the jobs like spray paint cars, move things back and forth through mines and mine things out of the ground. There is also a specialty about this, robots dont have to be paid or eat or anything except the occasional breakdown, where you would need to hire an engineer or something to fix it.

Dull- Robots which are dull generally do the jobs which are boring and needs to be repeated over and over such as putting lids on bottles, putting toys together or even being a troff. These robots save humans from doing boring work over and over again.

Dangerous- These robots do the dangerous jobs like defuse bombs, walk on Mars, handle nuclear plants and other dangerous jobs that could have taken the lives of many human beings. These jobs are much more safer for human beings and saves lots of lives.

Dextrous- Dextrous Robots are used for the precision with their arms able to move things small and soon will be able to do hospital jobs on humans where it can do with perfect precision. These robots will be able to take over doctors and will save many lives.

Domestic- These robots are used for cleaning such as the roombah, automatic lawn mowers or things that has emotions and can answer you such as a ferbie, mechanical dogs or robo raptors. They are to help humans do cleaning jobs without all the fuss.

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