Robots make our lives easier and safer because without out them humans would be the ones having to do all the factory jobs which killed thousands of people back in the I.R. and maimed even more. Robots make it easier to go places in cars and robots make it easier make certain items and contact others. Imagine how hard it would be to put a lid on every beer bottle that came through a machine, it would be hard, boring and a slow process. But when a robot does it thousands of beer bottles are done a day. They have robots which collects coal from mines and takes it back up, that could have killed people doing that sort of labour. The Mars Rover walks across mars and goes into craters and stuff imagine a human trying to do that. They'd die from lack of oxygen or fall in a crater and die.They watch and take down cars number plates and check if their speeding or not. They are able to do safe and precise operations on people which would be great to save human lives. They even have robots to clean your houses and mow you lawn without you getting you foot caught in the lawnmower or other accidents.  Robots make our lives so much easier and safer everyday.

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