1.       Toaster-

Toasters are robots because it has mechanic functions which pops the toast up when the toast is ready.

2.       Sensor microwave-

Microwaves can be a robot if it has a sensored light which when you open the door of the microwave it turns on.

3.       Sensor light-

These work when someone or something stands in front of the light, It sensors movement and a light comes on.

4.       Air conditioner-

An air conditioner is a robot because it turns itself off once it gets to the temperature you set for it and comes back on when the temperature starts changing back.

5.       Heater-

A heater does the exact same as the air conditioner does.

6.       Fridge-

A fridge is a robot because it has a light which goes on when you open it and keeps it at a constant temperature.

7.       Dishwasher-

A dishwasher is timed and has moving parts and changes temperatures of water so it can clean all dishes.

8.       Drier-

Driers also time and puts a temperature so it can dry the clothes quick and fast.

9.       Washing machine-

Washing machines clean clothes and have different temperatures and ays of getting the stains out.

10.   Smoke alarm-

Smoke alarms have radiation in them that sensors the smoke and beeps to warn the family.

11.   Thermometer-

Thermometers can be robots if there one of the ones which beeps to tell you if it's finished checking your temperature.

12.   Xbox kinect-

The Xbox kinect sensors your movement and body reactions and places it into a virtual life. Where you can move, run, duck and other stuff.

13.   Sensored tap-

These sensor when you put your hand in front of it and turns the tap on.

14.   Sensor door-

These robots sensor when you walk next to it. It will open it's door to let you in and then shut it once you've gone through.

15.   Car-

Cars have electro magnets which goes into its engine and is classified for robots.

16.   Vibrater phone-

These are robots because when someone calls you it vibrates letting you know that someones ringing.

17.   Security system-

These are robots because they sense when robbers come in the home and then they start beeping.

18.   Roomba-

A Roomba is a robot because they vacuum your house and senses walls bouncing around you house.

19.   Dvd tray-

These can be robots because they sense when dvds are in them and they can sometimes sense your fingers and turn on and is powered by remote control.

20.   Remote control planes-

These are powered by remote control guiding it through the air.

21.   Stove top-

These are robots because they are controlled by a switch and is gas powered and heats your food.

22.   Kettle-

Kettles heat the water to a precise temperature and then turns off.

23.   Auto garage doors-

These are controlled by remote controls opening and shutting the garage.

24. Wii-

Wii's sensor your remote and the game is controlled by that.

25.   Baby born-

Baby borns are robots because talk, can pee and move around.

26.   Ferbie-

Ferbies are robots because they can talk, walk and even blink.

27.   Scales-

Scales are robots because they can sense your weight and then show you it.

28.   Robo raptor-

Robo raptors are robots because they walk, roar and bite.

29.   Sensor bin-

These are robots because they sensor your hand and opens up for you.

30.   Sensor troff-

These sensor after you have pissed and cleans itself.

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