An example of a dirty robot is the car painting robot. It's programmed to spray paint cars perfectly and precisely. These robots are accurate, faster, cheaper, don't need breaks and don't mind getting a little dirty.

Another example of a dirty robot is the car washer. It cleans all the cars whilst getting some of the cars mess on itself.

Another example of a dirty robot is the coal mining robot. It mines coal and saves lots of human trouble and doesnt mind getting dirty.


An example of a dull robot is a urinal troff, it can also be a dirty robot but for this we are going to use it as a dull robot. Imagine just sitting their all day letting people pee on you and then having to wash it up over and over and over. It would be pretty boring and annoying. So that is why a urinal troff is a dull robot.

Another example of a dull robot is the beer lid putting on robot. It puts lids on beer bottles all day non stop. That would get pretty boring.

Another example of a dull robot is a fax machine. It sits ther all day getting messages and sending it to you. That would be real boring I reckon.


An example of a dangerous robot is the Mars Rover. Do you think a human would be able to walk on Mars without needing to breathe, walk around non stop without eating or taking a break and watch out so you don't fall in craters and stuff. Well if your too stupid to not know that then I'll tell you, humans can't do that stuff.

Another example of a dangerous robot is a robotically controlled tank. It is able to move around and shoot the enemy without lives having to be lost.

Another example of a dangerous robot is the talon robot it disarms bombs and makes sure no lives are lost. It also takes the bomb to a safe location.


An example of a Domestic robot is a Roomba. A roomba is a robot which goes around the house vacuuming. It senses bouncing on walls goes around the house till it's vacuumed everything. It takes away the chore of humans having to vacuum things.

Another example of a Domestic robot is the auto lawn mower. They program it to go round your lawn and mow your grass making sure it doesn't cut any important plants.

Another example of a domestic robot is the Aibo. It's like having an actual dog and sold hundreds in the first few days. It walks and moves like an actual dog.


An example of a dextrous robot is a Bowling Machine. It shoots cricket balls at an exact rate and speed and never misses. It shows how robots can be exact with what they do.

Another example of a dextrous robot is the nanobot, It goes into peoples systems and fixes up problem they may have or they can unclog arteries.

Another example of a dextrous robot is the exo-skeleton robot. It can help paraplegics feel like there walking and it's a revolutionary design.

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